Learning Science

Our processes are firmly rooted in scientific research. We ensure learning products that are useful, interactive, and effective.

Analyze: A systematic approach to define the learning problem.
Design: Articulate a plan to solve the problem.
Develop: Produce the solution as described in the design.
Implement: Deliver the solution in a learning situation.
Evaluate: Measure how well the solution promoted the intended learning.


Situational Design

The Clearinghouse provides the structure to help our Partners gather specific Learner information.  This information is used to build targeted designs. Repeated as necessary until the learner is best served.

Extensive analysis goes into each design. This information enables partner specific learning products.


Precise combinations of software tools are applied to create the best learning experiences.

Evaluate and Implement

An iterative evaluation process is implemented to meet the assessed needs of the clients. This improves the suitability, functionality, and usability of the product.

Product and Support

Tailored educational resources in eLearning, mLearning, and Blended Learning formats. Also, a support system is provided for learners to have real-time assistance.

Learning formats
Computer monitor   eLearning: Learn online, with all the resources of the internet.
Interactions   Blended Learning: Technology and face-to-face interaction. Learn in both worlds.
Mobile device   mLearning: Use mobile devices. Learn anywhere.