Services Provided

The Clearinghouse provides you with services and supports that are grounded in science and evidence, not subjective opinion or unsupported beliefs. They are informed by decades of research in a number of diverse fields including psychology, human development, family studies, social work, and military psychology, to name a few. The growing fields of prevention, intervention, dissemination, and evaluation science also drive what we do. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Program evaluationThe Clearinghouse evaluates the effectiveness of programs and practices that you might consider in working with military families.
  • Program selectionIf you are not sure which program or practice makes the most sense for your specific needs, Clearinghouse staff will work with you to find the most appropriate choice.
  • Implementation assistanceClearinghouse experts work with you through the scientific approach to implementing, evaluating, and sustaining evidence-based programs and practices matched to your local needs.
  • Educational opportunitiesThe Clearinghouse provides a learning community through its numerous Web-based presentations, publications, webinars, and informative links.
  • Research design and assistanceThe Clearinghouse will assist you in evaluating your programs and ensuring that they work as currently designed or if they need to be enhanced―an essential step if your programs are to remain viable. We can also help determine if your current program should be replaced with a program that has already demonstrated that it works well, an option that is very important given today’s challenging economic times.