Family Members with Special Needs

Additional Resources

Family members with special needs are those who may require special medical or educational services based on a diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional disability. Currently, over 100,000 active military families have at least one member with special needs. For over 20 years, the Department of Defense has assisted families with special needs by funding the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). The EFMP has three main functions:

  • Assisting families with identification and enrollment in the EFMP and obtaining the necessary documentation to receive services.
  • Ensuring that the medical and educational needs of family members who have special needs are considered during the assignment coordination process.
  • Helping families who have a member with special needs locate needed services. The EFMP works with a number of military and civilian agencies to provide information and referral for community support services.

The Family Members with Special Needs section of the Clearinghouse is designed to enhance the knowledge and effectiveness of professionals working with families who have a member with special needs. The Clearinghouse catalogs and houses the latest research findings related to family members with special needs and provides evidence-informed practices for addressing the challenges these family members encounter. The Clearinghouse also provides opportunities for proactive technical assistance and interactive learning.

The Clearinghouse is currently vetting various resources and will be add them to the website as they become available.