Sector-Specific Initiatives

Researchers associated with the Clearinghouse are working on several projects for specific branches of the military. These sector-specific initiatives are an important part of the work that the Clearinghouse performs.

  • Study of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) School Liaison Program: For this study, USMC school liaisons were interviewed to gather their perceptions of how the new USMC School Liaison Program was performing. Results of the study were quite positive, suggesting that liaisons clearly understand the mission and goals of the program; spend their time wisely; and are developing excellent relationships with families, schools, and communities. 
    (Funded by the Penn State Military Personnel and Families Research Initiative)

  • Understanding the Impact of Suicide on USMC Families: For this study, family survivors of marines who committed suicide in 2008, 2009, and 2010 will be interviewed to assess how they are coping with the tragic loss of their loved ones and to understanding how they can be better supported.
    (Funded by the USMC)

  • Navy Youth Sports and Fitness: The Clearinghouse is working with the U.S. Navy to determine the most effective ways to provide consistent, quality programming across installations.
    (Funded by the U.S. Navy)