Intellectual Disability

What is intellectual disability?

According to, “Intellectual disability is a below-average cognitive ability with three (3) characteristics:

  • Intelligent quotient (or I.Q.) is between 70-75 or below
  • Significant limitations in adaptive behaviors (the ability to adapt and carry on everyday life activities such as self-care, socializing, communicating, etc.)
  • The onset of the disability occurs before age 18.”

What are the characteristics of children & adults with intellectual disability?

Children may have delays in speaking, walking and taking care of personal needs (e.g., dressing or eating), or learning in school. Some adults with intellectual disabilities learn to live independently, but a few have more serious, life-long limitations. If early intervention, appropriate education, and community supports are in place, all adults with intellectual disability may go on to lead satisfying lives.

Where can I go for more information?

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