Promoting Health in Military Children, Supporting Families in School and Court, and a New Addition

We are here to assist professionals with the right tools and information to keep our military families strong!

1. Please help us welcome a new addition to the Clearinghouse: Colonel Patrick McClelland, USAF, Retired

Patrick's resume is quite extensive with more than 25 years of leadership and management experience including Vice Commander (Chief Operating Officer) 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base, Italy. Patrick's duties as Clearinghouse Assistant Director will involve overseeing daily operations; being the lead on all human resource issues and concerns; ensuring uniform administration of policies and procedures; identifying and implementing needed policy and procedure changes within the office; and assisting in the planning, development, and implementation of changes to provide efficient operation of Clearinghouse services. Read Patrick's bio.

2. Family Court Review: Military Families and the Family Court (Special Issue)

Editors Andrew Schepard and Robert E Emery note that this Special Issue may be used as a resource guide for family courts that are seeing increased numbers of cases involving Military and Veteran families. They point out that, although Military families tend to be remarkably strong and resilient in the face of the many challenges they encounter, unique stressors can arise that may put these families at higher risk for problems that require resolution through the family court system. Learn more by reviewing our blog dedicated to Family Court Review: Military Families and the Family Court (Special Issue)

3. 5210 Healthy Military Children: A campaign to promote health in all Military children

The 5210 Healthy Military Children campaign is a new initiative of the Department of Defense (DoD) that was developed in partnership with the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness. The campaign was recently featured in a news article from the Military Health System and Defense Health Agency that highlighted the importance of the campaign for obesity prevention. In fact, 5210 Healthy Military Children is a health promotion campaign that intends to impact far more than childhood obesity! The 5210 behaviors (5 or more servings/day of fruits and vegetables, 2 or fewer hours/day of screen time, 1 or more hours/day of physical activity, and 0 sweetened beverages/day) are good for EVERY child, no matter his or her size, and can lead to a wide range of positive health outcomes. These include improving nutrient intake, decreasing the risk of chronic diseases and certain cancers, reducing depression, increasing and improving sleep, promoting positive social development, improving fitness and bone health, and decreasing caffeine intake and dental decay! We are excited to have the opportunity to support the DoD in their efforts to promote health in all Military children and their families.

4. The Navy Youth Sports and Fitness (YSF) Directory of Opportunities

The Navy Youth Sports and Fitness (YSF) team just launched a new website for YSF Directory of Opportunities. The Directory makes searching for youth sports and fitness activities, on and off base, incredibly simple! You’ll be able to find useful information such as the following: the name of the organization, contact information, physical location, distance from home and installation, and information regarding the vital safety checks conducted for each Navy YSF program. Click here to visit the Navy Youth Sports and Fitness (YSF) Directory of Opportunities website

5. All 50 states have signed on to the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children

New York's Governor Cuomo recently signed the compact. This means that all 50 states have now signed on to the compact. The purpose of this compact is to help "...establish continuity in education policies and practices across the ... states" (Blaisure, Saathoff-Wells, Pereira, MacDermid, Wadsworth, & Dombro 2012). This is helpful for all Military families with children, who relocate every 2 to 4 years and must change schools. This is also helpful for families with children who have Individualized Education Program (IEP) s for special educational supports and for high school students who face taking potentially their third state-specific history class due to relocation. Click here to learn more…

6. Continuum of Programs

Conducting literature reviews to compare the evidence base of multiple programs can be time consuming. The Clearinghouse has reviewed over 800 programs that can be used to benefit Military families. This year we continue to review new programs and are re-vetting programs that were placed in 2011 for new evaluations and program updates. Click here to read more, find a program, or submit a program...

7. Technical Assistance

We are here to assist you each step of the way as you work to enhance the lives of Military families. We can help you consider, plan for, implement, and evaluate evidenced-based programs designed to bolster Military child, youth, and family resiliency and readiness. Click here to read more, or to contact the TA team by phone, email, or through a live chat session...