Resource Center for Obesity Prevention

RCOP Products

  • Healthy Foodservice Benchmarking and Leading Practices (Sept 2012)
    • Plan to improve the food environment for Service Members, Military families, civilian employees and retirees.
  • Healthy Base Initiative Summary: Part I (Jan 2013)
  • Healthy Base Initiative Summary Review: Part II  (Aug 2013)
    • Vetting process and outcomes for existing initiatives around nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco cessation.
  • Child Obesity Prevention: Department of Defense Work Group Report (May 2013)
    • A report on the state of the obesity epidemic, DoD's current efforts to positively impact this problem, and suggested next steps.
  • Practitioners' Guide for Selecting and Using Successful Obesity Prevention Programs (May 2013)
    • Methodology and guidance for practitioners' to select and use obesity prevention programs that will yield successful results.
  • Proposed Methodology for Determining a Menu of Programs: Improving Nutrition and Tobacco Prevention & Cessation for Military Sectors (May 2014)
  • Recommendations for Health Promotion Professional Development Trainings for Personnel Working with Military Children and Families (Oct 2014)
    • Criteria, vetting, and results of existing professional development trainings available for DoD staff around nutrition (food prep, modeling, etc.) and physical activity (providing opportunites, conducive enviroments, etc.); and recommendations for filling in gaps that exist.