Making Sense of the Science

The Technical Assistance team at the Clearinghouse has developed five brief informational sheets under the Resources tab on the Assistance page of our website. The term we use to describe the sheets are Making Sense of the Science (MSOS). These two to three page, downloadable documents will give you a brief overview of topics related to implementation science, the military, and communication strategies. Information is presented in a succinct and highly digestible format.

A short description of each MSOS sheet is listed below:

  1. Communication Strategies for Websites - For successful implementation, tracking website performance is a useful tool. This helps to determine the effectiveness of the organization's online presence. Websites should be monitored and tracked to ensure the goals of the organization are being accomplished, and the impact of the website can be communicated.
  2. Program Selection and Implementation - Carefully selecting a program that fits the target population and that is feasible based on one's organizational and community capacity is a critical step in making a difference.
  3. Recruitment Strategies for Evidence-Based Programs -Effectively recruiting families to attend strength-based programs requires a recruitment plan that is targeted to a specific population, has clear and positive messaging, and raises community awareness of the program through diverse mechanisms. Each community is unique, and selecting a variety of engagement strategies that will appeal to intended participants is key to successful recruitment.
  4. Understanding Fidelity - Understanding how to deliver an evidence-based and evidence-informed program with quality and adherence to the developer's original model is important to ensure the desired outcomes. 
  5. Understanding the Military and Military Families – It's essential to understand the target audience being served. This primer provides a wealth of information about the demographics of military members and military families.
You can view the MSOS sheets here: Additionally, our Technical Assistance Specialists stand ready to help you find, implement, and evaluate evidence-based programs and practices and can be reached through live chat, phone 1-877-382-9185, or email Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM ET.