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We welcome the opportunity to review and place your program on the Clearinghouse’s Continuum of Evidence.

Why Have the Clearinghouse Review Your Program or Practice

There are several potential benefits associated with having your program reviewed by the Clearinghouse. The benefits include: (1) receiving input on the evidence base of your program; (2) the provision of feedback on how you can strengthen the evaluation of your program to potentially move its placement in a positive direction; and (3) increased visibility of your program across a broad spectrum of professionals working with military families. Nevertheless, there is also the possibility that your program may be placed on the continuum in a category that may be disappointing to you (e.g., ineffective, and unclear-negative).

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How to Get Your Program Reviewed

Before submitting your program, you should familiarize yourself with the review process and think through the ramifications of what a placement on the continuum may mean for your program. We are happy to consult with you prior to submitting your program for review and placement.

Once you complete the form and agree to the terms, we will contact you to discuss costs, payment options (non-military sponsored only), and program review schedule.

Timeline and Cost of Program Review

The review process can be time consuming depending on the amount of data available to assess (e.g., program materials, published articles, and reports). On average, you can expect that our review will take approximately two-three months.  

For programs sponsored by a military Service or the Department of Defense:

If your program is sponsored by a military Service (i.e., Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and National Guard and Reserves) or the Department of Defense, there is no cost for review and placement of your program. However, we must receive notification from a military representative in writing to confirm the use of your program in the military context. Otherwise, we request you go back and complete the non-Military program registration form.
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For programs NOT sponsored by a military Service or the Department of Defense:

The Clearinghouse will charge $200/hour. Penn State is a non-profit institution and the charge only covers our costs. We strongly suggest that you speak with us for an estimate of the cost to review your program. You will be required to pay in full at the conclusion of our review, but prior to providing you with feedback and publishing your program on the Clearinghouse website.
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Should you decide to submit your program for review and placement on the Clearinghouse’s Continuum of Evidence, you will not have the opportunity to rescind its placement for any reason. Programs that are submitted through this process will be placed on the Continuum without exception. Program placements can change as new evaluation evidence becomes available to us.

Fact Sheet Updates

Program developers may request that incorrect or out-of-date information on fact sheets be updated.
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