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What does the Clearinghouse do? Simply put, we’re here to provide you with the right tools and information to keep our Military families strong. The Clearinghouse will help you -- a dedicated professional who provides direct assistance to Military families -- do your job. By taking advantage of all the Clearinghouse has to offer, you will enhance your capacity to bolster Military family readiness, resilience, and well-being.

We will help you identify, select, and implement the right evidence-based programs and practices to address wide-ranging family and mental health issues -- from healthy parenting to preventing problematic and risky behaviors. Using our interactive, searchable database, you will find effective and promising intervention programs as well as practical resources and strategies to help you achieve your mission and ensure the welfare of our Military families.

  1. Video: Who We Are - This recently developed video will tell you more about who we are and what we do. Click here to watch our introductory video
  2. Reviewed Programs (currently 577 programs reviewed) - We know that both the issues facing Military families today and the sheer number of programs for families and children can be overwhelming. Programs with an evidence base can help enhance Military family readiness and resilience. Click here to read more, find a program, or submit a program
  3. Technical Assistance - We are here to assist you as you work to enhance the lives of Military families. We can help you consider, plan for, implement, and evaluate programs designed to bolster child, youth, and family resiliency and readiness. Click here to read more, or contact the TA team by phone, email, or through a live chat session
  4. Blog Series - Our blog series covers a variety of topics that apply to professionals and military families. Topics range from co-parenting at a distance to how to use evidence-base programs. We also have a series on bullying. For example, bullies intend to harm or make their victims afraid through repeated aggression. The aggression may be physical, verbal, or social and relational (e.g., cyberbullying). The goal of the bully is to be perceived as being more powerful than the victim (whether by social status, physical stature, or other factors). Click here to read more of this or other blogs
  5. Video Series - Our video series consists of short presentations covering topics related to research design, program implementation, and work at the Clearinghouse (e.g., Technical Assistance, Vetting Process, Obesity Resource Center, How to Read a Fact Sheet, and Effective Adolescent Programs). For example, Dr. Janet Welsh discusses different adoption options available to military families, as well as factors related to each option that families need to consider. Click here to watch this or other Clearinghouse videos
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