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We know that both the issues facing military families today and the sheer number of programs for families and children can be overwhelming. Effective programs can help enhance military family readiness and resilience.  However, there are hundreds of programs designed to help children, parents, and families. Some programs are specifically intended for military families. Others are intended for civilians, but hold great promise for military families as well. Identifying which ones actually work and produce the intended results can be difficult. There are many programs that have the potential to benefit military families. However, there are also programs that, while well intentioned, may be ineffective or even harmful.

That’s where the Clearinghouse comes in. Although the science of military family readiness is in its infancy, we are working hard to identify truly outstanding programs and practices that meet a high scientific standard of effectiveness. The Clearinghouse serves as a resource to help you make informed judgments about which programs are both right for your situation and worth the investment. Our staff systematically and continuously reviews the research on programs for families, children, couples, and parents  helping you identify programs that are exemplary and grounded in evidence.

The Clearinghouse has reviewed 1,100 programs that can be used to benefit military families. This year we continue to review new programs and are re-vetting programs for new evaluations and program updates.

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