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In addition to being the Month of the Military Child, April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month. Every child deserves a safe, stable, and nurturing environment in which to thrive. This is especially true for military children worldwide, who serve alongside their parents while facing the unique challenges posed by mobile military life. Conversations surrounding children’s well-being, positive parenting, and prompt reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect are an essential part of healthy communities.

With April’s focus on children, it is important to remember that everyone shares the responsibility for our children’s safety and well-being. If you see a parent or child in distress, it only takes a moment to offer help or guidance. If you’re not sure how to help, resources are available.

One such resource is Military OneSource. This organization provides Department of Defense-vetted resources to Service Members, their families, and the entire military community. For this month’s national effort, Military OneSource has created a Child Abuse Prevention Month Toolkit. In this toolkit, you will find resources for parenting and other safety information, including information on cyber-safety, positive parenting skills, distracted parenting, and much more. Visit this website to explore the resources and check out additional articles about child safety and the prevention of abuse and neglect.

Visit the Military OneSource Toolkit