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With April being the Month of the Military Child, it provides an ideal opportunity to reintroduce and reacquaint ourselves with high-quality resources that help us promote and encourage positive development in our children. The first resource we’d like to highlight is our new information on inclusivity.

The inclusivity website is a practical guide for parents who want to help their children develop a tolerance for, and acceptance of diversity—leading to an understanding and appreciation for human differences of all kinds, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and for the physically, mentally, or intellectually disabled. It provides parents and caregivers with lessons and resources that focus on children learning from one another, valuing cultural differences, rejecting stereotypes, and cultivating mutual respect. Teaching children to develop positive mindsets like tolerance and acceptance will nourish their curiosity, empathy, patience, flexibility, and respect for others, and give them a deeper understanding of self.

The site also gives parents easy access to an “Inclusivity Toolkit,” including printable highlights from the website, as well as typical scenarios and suggestions for speaking to kids, and answering questions about tolerance and acceptance.

Inclusivity: How to talk to your kids about tolerance and acceptance can be found at https://talktoyourkids.info/