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Program Evaluation

How do you know if what you are doing is positively impacting the families you work with?

Here at the Clearinghouse, we’re focused on making sure programs are delivering outcomes and demonstrating value. To do this, our research scientists use systematic and innovative methods-ensuring the most effective ways for you to serve military families.

Our evaluations address critical questions such as how to improve upon an existing project you’re working on and how to determine if a program is having the desired impact.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluability assessments
  • Metrics identification and development
  • Evaluation planning
  • Evaluation of programs and services

Clearinghouse scientists also assist with evidence-informed program development and with program manual refinement. Moreover, our scientists engage in applied research to address policy questions relevant to military children, youth, and families.

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Program Selection

Need a program, but not sure where to start or what program to choose?
We’re here to help you determine which program best fits your specific needs and the needs of the families you serve.

We use a rigorous vetting process for prevention and treatment programs—more than 1,100 to date—to assist professionals who work with families. Once reviewed, each program is categorized and placed on our Continuum of Evidence. Using our interactive website, you can easily identify programs to suit your community’s needs. Reviews of program effectiveness range from “ineffective” to “effective” and include a snapshot of useful information such as target audience, training requirements, implementation cost and time, and more.

Need help finding a program? We’re here to support professionals in making informed decisions about which programs fit specific situations and are worth the investment. Reach out now!

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Implementation Support

Do you need help implementing a program?
Our implementation specialists are here to help you implement, evaluate, and sustain evidence-based programs that meet the needs of the community you serve. Using sound implementation science to drive your programming efforts will have the most positive impact on families. This helps to ensure that your program receives the funding and support it needs to succeed.

We’re here to work with you through the entire process, making sure that your hard work and dedication translate to the desired results—healthier military families.
Our support team is here to help:

  • Develop a rapid literature and resource review
  • Suggest the best research-informed program or practice for specific situations
  • Provide implementation
  • Develop a strategy for evaluation and sustainability

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Learning Design

Ready to develop or enhance your program or training, but not sure where to start?

A cross-functional team of researchers, subject matter experts, and learning designers work together to create curriculum that meets your goals while making sure you have the most engaging and effective tools to enhance learning. We work as a team to identify the overall learning objectives, how they will be assessed for mastery, and what method of presentation will garner the most effective results.

All of our products are based on extensive research on the relevant topic as well as in education, psychology, and learning science. Combined with the use of new technology, we create a first-rate learning experience that your audience will remember.

We offer services for face-to-face implementation, online education, mobile devices, and hybrid course design. We incorporate innovative elements such as interactive video, personal knowledge checks, matching games, act/react/reflect exercises, journaling, quizzes with immediate feedback, discussion boards, and more.

Our method of design and development ensures a quality learning intervention that is science-based, actionable, original, and measurable.

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