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Tobacco Prevention

Clearinghouse for Military Families at Penn State Stars

Tobacco use is a critical issue confronting the U.S. Military, and smoking rates among Active Duty Military personnel are significantly higher than those of the general population. Stress management, boredom, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and environment are all factors that foster smoking and contribute to these high rates. Moreover, tobacco use has serious detrimental effects on Military personnel, compromising their readiness and imparting substantial costs to the Department of Defense and Veterans’ Administration1.

Reducing tobacco use is a strategic objective of the Military Health System, and tobacco-free policies are being implemented to promote health and wellness. The Clearinghouse examines the evidence base of existing tobacco prevention and cessation programs, cataloging and housing current research, in order to aid professionals working with Military families.

1. American Lung Association Welcomes Final TRICARE Rule on Smoking Cessation. (2013).

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