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Open Office Hours

  • Learn how to tackle real-world problems and challenges through monthly collaborative learning sessions.
  • Get real-time guidance and resources from researchers and implementation specialists at the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State for free.
  • Open to anyone who supports military families and anyone can attend one or all of these monthly 30- to 45-minute microlearning sessions over Teams.

Examples of session topics include the following:

  • I need help collecting data. Where do I start?
  • I need to determine whether what I’m doing is working. How can I evaluate whether my training or program is effective?
  • I need help finding a training or program. Where do I look?

What topics or questions do you have that we can help with? We want to know!

Upcoming Open Office Hours Sessions:

December 18, 2023

at 1500 ET


Penn State Users: If you are logged into your PSU account, you may encounter a blank screen or an error on the registration page. To resolve this issue, open the link in an incognito/private browser window.

For questions or more information, email clearinghouse@psu.edu, or call 877-382-9185.