Completed Projects

The descriptions of projects below represent collaborative efforts of the Clearinghouse with various military and civilian partners. These projects span from revising behavioral health prevention programs focused on target prevention of alcohol use, to creating dynamic online-trainings for child and youth professions, to conducting rapid literature reviews, to developing trainings for mental health clinic staff, to developing evaluation plans and implementing them. The common elements of these projects involve practical science brought to bear on addressing challenges that our military partners identify. We are committed to translating science into action. Let’s have a conversation to see how we can assist you in strengthening service member and family health and well-being.

Air Force

The collaboration between the U.S. Air Force and the Clearinghouse began in 2012, with a USDA cooperative agreement to conduct two research evaluations. Since then, the Clearinghouse has completed various projects with the Air Force in the areas of mental health, father engagement, drug and alcohol misuse, and suicide prevention. The projects have included the development of online trainings, evaluating the effectiveness of the Community Assessment Survey (CAS), an implementation evaluation of evidence-based PTSD treatments, and the development of an updated manual for Level 1 treatment within ADAPT.
4C Career Field Education and Technical Training Plan (CFETP) Manual
ADAPT Aftercare Toolkit
ADAPTability Tool
Air Force Medical Operations Agency – Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Misuse Projects
Air Force Mental Health Provider Online Ethics Trainings
Beta Implementation of Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders (UP)
Beta Test of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) for Suicide Prevention
BHOP Awareness Campaign
Compassionate Care
Development of ADAPT Level 1 Menu of Programs, Manual Refinement, and Beta-Testing
Development of Air Force Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program Outcome Measures for Substance Abuse
Development of Alcohol Brief Counseling Comprehensive Implementation Manual
Development of CBT Modules for ADAPT MH Techs
Early Mental Health Help-Seeking Campaign
Evaluation of ADAPT Level 1 Treatment
Evidence-Based Course of Care Repository
Group Unified Protocol Pilot Test
Mission: Dad
Moving Forward Beta Test
New Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) Program Manager’s Manual
New Provider Training (NPT)
Prolonged Exposure in Primary Care (PE-PC)
Technical Assistance and Support for Community Action Planning in conjunction with RAND Needs Assessment
Testing a Sustainable Implementation Process within the Air Force for the Broad Use of the Social Norms Intervention (Social Norms) – Phase II
Wilford-Hall PTSD Treatment Study
Zero Suicide Systems Approach (ZSSA)


The collaboration between the U.S. Army and the Clearinghouse began in 2011, with a USDA cooperative agreement to conduct a single program evaluation. Since then, the Clearinghouse has completed various projects with the Army in the areas of family advocacy, community service, and healthy parenting.
Army Community Services (ACS): Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Program Evaluations
Army Family Advocacy Program Support Study Phase II
Army Volunteer Corps Program – Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Employment Readiness Program – Outcome Evaluation
Family Advocacy Program – Economic Assessment
Family Advocacy Program – Process Evaluation
Survivor Outreach Services Program – Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Clearinghouse Projects

Better Kid Care On-Demand Learning System: Development and Testing of a Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol for Online Curriculum Evaluation
Child and Youth Development Evaluation Plan Project
Family Readiness Program Evaluation Development Project
Intimate Partner Physical Injury Risk Assessment
Suicide Literature Reviews

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

Since our partnership began in 2014, the Clearinghouse has worked diligently to support DoDEA in fulfilling their commitment to ensuring all school-aged children of military families are provided a world-class education and to educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world. Our work includes creation and delivery of professional development training for teachers and school psychologists that assists DoDEA professionals in supporting the unique needs of military families.
Parental Absence Support Research Project

Department of Defense Family Advocacy Program

Located within the Office of the Under Secretary (of Defense) for Personnel and Readiness, Military Community and Family Policy (MCF&P), Family Advocacy Program is the congressionally-designated program responsible for preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect and domestic abuse in military families. The program works with key military and civilian departments, including medical, law enforcement, legal, chaplains, child and youth, and social agencies to promote a coordinated community response.
Commanders and Leaders FAP Training
Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA)
New Parent Support Program (NPSP): Continuous Quality Improvement Pilot Implementation

Marine Corps

Impact of Active Duty Marine Suicides on the Family Survivors

Military Suicide Research Consortium

Military Suicide Research Consortium Zero Suicide Project
Navy Youth Sports and Fitness (YSF) Research Project
Virtual Youth Program Project

Office of Military Community and Family Policy

Located within the Office of the Under Secretary (of Defense) for Personnel and Readiness, Military Community and Family Policy (MCF&P) provides direction and oversight of quality of life programs for the military community to ensure these programs are designed and executed to support the needs of the Total Force. Our partnership with MCF&P began in 2010 and includes work in the areas of military and family readiness, child and youth services, recreation and education opportunities, and career and transition support.
Child Development Center Evaluation
Live Support: Collaborating with Professionals to Problem-Solve
Military Spouse Licensure Portability
Resource Center for Improving Family Health Behaviors

Reserve Affairs

Our collaboration with Reserve Affairs began in 2011. Our work is focused on providing a broad array of services to a DoD-wide initiative that promotes the well-being of National Guard and Reserve members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle.
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program