Program Selection

Need a program, but not sure where to start or what program to choose?

We’re here to help you determine which program best fits your specific needs and the needs of the families you serve.

We use a rigorous vetting process for prevention and treatment programs—more than 1,100 to date—to assist professionals who work with families. Once reviewed, each program is categorized and placed on our Continuum of Evidence. Using our interactive website, you can easily identify programs to suit your community’s needs. Reviews of program effectiveness range from “ineffective” to “effective” and include a snapshot of useful information such as target audience, training requirements, implementation cost and time, and more. Learn more here.

Already decided on a program, but not sure how where to begin your implementation? Learn more here.

Need help finding a program? We’re here to support professionals in making informed decisions about which programs fit specific situations and are worth the investment. Reach out now!