Curriculum Development

Ready to develop or enhance your program or training, but not sure where to start?

A cross-functional team of researchers, subject matter experts, and learning designers work together to create curriculum that meets your goals while making sure you have the most engaging and effective tools to enhance learning. We work as a team to identify the overall learning objectives, how they will be assessed for mastery, and what method of presentation will garner the most effective results.

All of our products are based on extensive research on the relevant topic as well as in education, psychology, and learning science. Combined with the use of new technology, we create a first-rate learning experience that your audience will remember.

We offer services for face-to-face implementation, online education, mobile devices, and hybrid course design. We incorporate innovative elements such as interactive video, personal knowledge checks, matching games, act/react/reflect exercises, journaling, quizzes with immediate feedback, discussion boards, and more.

Our method of design and development ensures a quality learning intervention that is science-based, actionable, original, and measurable.

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