ADAPTability Tool

Partnership/Type: Air Force
Status: Completed Project

The purpose of the ADAPTability Tool was to Develop a drinking assessment and motivation tool to be utilized by the Air Force’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) staff. This tool will be utilized to measure drinking behavior as serve as a transition into Level 1 treatment. This tool is being created to support all ADAPT programming, with specific attention paid to compatibility with the Level 1 toolkit being developed by NYU’s Family Translational Research Group (FTRG). Although there are existing tools and resources available in the public domain, these resources are cost prohibitive to the Air Force and/or Airmen seeking help. This tool was developed with the aim of being stand alone and not requiring long-term cost to AFMRA.

To meet the project goals, the ADAPTability tool was created to assist patients in keeping track of their goals and monitoring their progress during their time in the ADAPT program. Reminders can be utilized motivate patients and help keep them on track. In addition, the ADAPTability tool provides opportunities for accountability as patients record things that are important to them, as it relates to their treatment progress. In addition, the tool provides patient’s the option to download all goals, notes, and progress. These downloadable PDFs can then be shared with ADAPT staff at the patient’s discretion. This was done to assure patient privacy and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Adaptability Tool