Evaluation of ADAPT Level 1 Treatment

Partnership/Type: Air Force
Status: Completed Project

The evaluation of ADAPT Level 1 Treatment was funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory with the goal of providing a robust outcome evaluation of Level 1 treatment programs from the newly created menu. The Level 1 evaluation project provided information regarding the quality of delivery of Level 1 EBTs, as well as the relation between implementation quality and patient outcomes. The evaluation assisted ADAPT leadership in: determining effectiveness of its Level 1 treatment programs; examining continuous quality improvement; and providing professional development and technical assistance to clinic staff.

This examination represented the most comprehensive evaluation of the Air Force’s ADAPT Level 1 Program to date. Results indicated that a standardized Level 1 Program has not been implemented across the USAF. Specifically, there was a lack of systemic staff training and consistency in implementing evidence-based treatments. Overall results of this evaluation suggested that program implementation factors do not impact patient completion rates.