Military Suicide Research Consortium Zero Suicide Project

Partnership/Type: Military Suicide Research Consortium
Status: Completed Project

This project is designed to build off of the success of the ZSSA project completed by the Clearinghouse in 2019. This study seeks to answer several overarching questions that will advance the science of military suicide prevention.These include: (1) How well is ZSSA being implemented (e.g., reach, acceptability, penetration) at the five AF pilot sites?; (2) Can targeted strategies (e.g., coaching, technical assistance, local manpower enhancement, provision of implementation data) improve implementation outcomes over time?; (3) Which targeted strategies have the greatest impact on implementation?; and (4) Are improvements in implementation outcomes associated with patient outcomes? Thus, the study aligns with MSRC’s research area on translation of research into practice, particularly as relates to the implementation and consistent adoption of evidence-based suicide prevention strategies. Further, this study will advance the scientific understanding of how to best implement suicide prevention within MTFs.